What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Education

online video learning platform

If you have been involved in online education for any amount of time, then you will no doubt have heard of the revolutionized online video learning. This is an online educational system that provides students with video instruction, instead of audio or written information. The video, which can be as clear as a DVD to as grainy as an old VHS tape, is designed to teach students visually instead of aurally. It is a revolutionary idea that has opened up the doors to further educational opportunities and greatly changed the face of higher education in the United States.

Everything that a student needed to learn was right there in front of them at their fingertips, in the palm of their hand. These programs are usually set up on a laptop computer, but there are also options that are available for desktop usage. These systems have become extremely popular over the past decade because they have proven to be an effective way for students to earn college credit.

Incredibly Easy To Use

This type of technology for learning is incredibly easy to use. There is no longer any need to be embarrassed about struggling with complex concepts because the learning modules are so streamlined. Students are also free to take a break if they get bored with a specific lesson or concept. This allows the individual to be the master of their learning. There is no more having to wait until another lesson has ended before moving on to a new concept, which is a crucial part of the learning process.

Another advantage to using online video learning platforms is the flexibility that they offer. These systems are completely flexible so that the student can take breaks whenever they like without having to wait for an instructor to come by. They can move ahead when necessary and review any part of the material as many times as they want. This allows the individual to complete their coursework faster and more efficiently. The courses are also more comprehensive because the lessons can be taken at your own pace. This is important because as a student you should be able to complete your work at a speed that is comfortable for you.

Convenience That It Offers

One other advantage to using an online video learning platform is the convenience that it offers. Instead of being bound to a desk and chair, you are free to go around your home and accomplish your goals. This frees you up from the constraints that are common with traditional classroom learning. You don’t have to worry about being on time for class, or not having the correct materials. Everything is kept in the palm of your hand.

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons why online video learning is so popular is because it allows students to learn from the comfort of their own homes. Students who may have had other learning methods in the past are now afforded the opportunity to make use of technology in the form of an online video learning program.

Learn Right From Home

This means that they no longer have to rely on a teacher who may not be available to them at a moment’s notice. In fact, they can learn right from home, which means they can schedule time during the day or night when they are available.

It is important to note that there are a few downsides to using an online video learning program. For example, you will have to make sure that your internet connection is capable of streaming high quality video. As a result, you may not be able to view certain types of material unless your internet is very slow. Also, since you can take courses at your own pace, some people may not feel comfortable taking classes that are too fast for them.


Overall, online video learning provides a great alternative to the more traditional classroom method. The technology that is available today has made the process much easier for people all over the world to take classes. Because of this, more people are able to receive higher education in a convenient manner, and at their own personal pace. If you are interested in taking a course through an online video learning platform, you should contact your local community college to find out if they offer such programs.

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