Tools You Should Know When Learning Maths Online

Over the last few years, teaching and learning have slowly transitioned to remote. Virtual learning, even though giving both teachers and students a platform to interact, has also presented them with problems. While some learners can’t get the right internet connection to access the online tools needed, some just don’t understand the usage of the tools. 

These problems apply to teachers as well. To effectively learn online, you especially need to know and understand some online learning tools. We discuss some tools you should know when learning Maths Online.

Online Communication Tools

There’s no education without communication. There needs to be regular communication between a teacher and the students, whether online or physically. This is a reason why online learning proves to be difficult; it’s not easy maintaining online communication with several students.

There are online communication platforms that have come to the rescue. Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype help you keep up the communication between you and your teacher. On these platforms, you can communicate via video calls, audio calls, or instant messaging.

Online Whiteboards

Whiteboards are extremely important. As a teacher, you need to know how to get around one. Also as a student, you should be able to understand the usage of the whiteboard. The online whiteboard is there to replicate the whiteboard from your physical classroom. An online whiteboard is even more versatile; as there’s a library of shapes and an unending canvas. 

You’re able to create a plethora of diagrams, charts, and graphs. Your teacher can also have access to your whiteboard, track your progress, and make changes where required. You can also connect via video conferencing in-app to deliberate ideas, or concepts.

Online Homework Tools

Learning virtually also presents another problem. How do you get homework across to your students, how do the students get it back to you, and how do you keep track of these homework, be it essays, or tests? There are several platforms you can take advantage of.

  • You can make use of Google docs to prepare essays and instruct your students to submit a .doc answer. 
  • If the assignment is verbal, you can utilise Zoom, or Skype. 
  • Google classroom is the most useful. On this platform, you can get the essays across to a particular set of students, receive their submissions, as well as mark them. 
  • To get videos across, you can use YouTube, Prezi, or Google Slides.


Learning online is not an easy feat, for both teachers and students. You need to communicate, replicate the physical whiteboard, and also get homework across online. There are several tools you can utilise for these functions. Hence, we discuss some tools you should know when learning Maths Online.

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