The New And Unique Sleeping Aid Function Alarm Clock! Provide Improved Natural Waking Experienced

You would find it hard sometimes to wake up early in the morning or manage your time. You would try various ways but would find it very difficult to have a good early morning routine. With a drastic change in the upcoming technology, there are various gadgets which you can find around you which can help you. In that same way, we have this colorful, smart wake-up light alarm clock that can help  you to getting up early in the morning. It is an electronic device that can be connected to your phone through wifi.

These alarm clocks are different from that analog clock which creates an annoying noise to wake you up in the morning. But these digital clocks will produce a natural and calm sound to wake you up. You can get these clocks in various colors and can increase or decrease the brightness of the clock. You can give the voice command and set the alarm easily. These clocks come with various alarm tones, which you can set. It runs on battery, so you can get it charged on the go. It also comes with a radio facility, which can entertain you throughout your day with nice music. You can get this amazing smart alarm clock to improve your morning routine.


·         Shape:     circular

·         Display Type:        Digital

·         Screen Type:         LED

·         Feature: LUMINOVA

·         Motivity Type:      Digital

·         Style:        Europe

·         Function Snooze Function

·         Form        Single Face

·         Display     LED display

·         Light Brightness   Level 20

·         Light Color  7

·         Volume Level       16

·         Display Brightness  4

·         Alarms     4

·         Alarm Sounds       7&FM Radio.

·         Sunrise Simulation  60 minutes

·         Snooze    8-15minutes

·         Snooze Time         5 times

·         FM Radio 76.0-108MHz

·         Material  ABS+PC

·         Battery Type         CR2032

·         Battery Capacity  220mAh

·         Input Voltage       100-240V

·         USB Output           5V 2A

·         Size Diameter       16.5*16.5*6cm

Pros Of Having A Smart Wake Up Clock

·         You don’t have to set the alarm again and again as it keeps repeating the same every day.

·         It is connected to wifi so that you can control your phone easily from anywhere.

·         It got a nice LED display with various volume and brightness control.

·         It will sleep for 10 -15 mins and for five times in a row.

·         It can help you to have a better morning routine every day.

Cons Of Having A Smart Wake Up Clock

·         You have to make sure that the battery is charged properly to keep it working regularly.

·         It is an electronic device and wants to make sure it is away from high temperature and moisture.


You can get this wonderful gadget to have a great start to your morning. You can get some nice alarming tone to kick in your day. It can help you set up your timelines and alarms for various tasks you have decided for the day. You can look organized while managing your time well and meeting your goals. It can be a very useful gadget that you can place in your bedroom or office desk. It gives a very nice look in your room.

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