The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Volusia Online Learning

volusia online learning

It is not uncommon to have younger children taking part in online Volusia County schools’ Volusia online learning programs. This is especially true with the number of young people that have found their passion and calling in this sport when they were young. Parents are constantly searching for ways to help their children better grasp the necessary skills for this particular sport when they get older. The online courses are part of an emerging trend that is bringing in more students to traditional brick-and-mortar schools.

Volusia Online Learning

Full-time enrollment in Volusia Online Learning, that works just like a traditional K-12 school district in the state, has increased nearly four times what it was just a few short years ago and it is expected to continue on that growing trend, said executive director J. Stephen Lanning. “The online learning courses are now gaining steady momentum among parents who are looking for cost-effective ways to get their children up to speed with their subjects, particularly on the sports front,” he said. Many schools are reaping the benefits of offering these types of programs. One such school is the new virtual school district of Volusia, which offers a full slate of college prep courses, athletic programs, special education classes and other professional development offerings. This is a huge benefit to the parents of students in the county who need to fulfill requirements to get into a competitive program, he added.

Why Online Learning Is Best

There are some reasons why more people are participating in online learning. There is a growing educational deficit in the U.S., according to Education Week. More people than ever before are living at home with parents and caretakers and having a difficult time catching up in the classroom, said Danielle Kergo, communications director for the Florida Schools Consolidation Commission. The Volusia virtual school district has seen growth in part because of the state’s low tuition rates, she said. Parents are also turning to distance learning because of the challenges they face in finding after-school activities for their children, she said.

Parents have several options available to them when it comes to online learning. They can sign up for a distance-learning program at a traditional community college or university in Volusia or elsewhere in the United States, or they can enroll their children in traditional programs at accredited private schools. They can also choose from an online learning program that provides learning materials and guidance through the Internet. If these programs are right for their family, then they should consider all of the pros and cons of each before making a decision, said Kergo. Parents should consider what resources they will need to support their child’s studies, she added.

Advantages Of Online Learning Programs

Parents should look for an accredited program with the assistance of a tutor, she said. In addition, they should look for a school that has a teaching-assistant instructor who can help with homework and small assignments. The school should also offer computer labs for students to use for learning. The program should also encourage parents and teachers to interact online and work together through email, chat rooms, and forums.

Online learning programs offer many advantages for students and parents, but they also have disadvantages, she said. Many of the benefits come from the ability to work at your own pace and from the ability to complete assignments on your own time. However, there is a potential drawback from having a student who has no experience in utilizing the Internet or making use of the various programs available. A big part of the problem could be the lack of practical, hands-on training, she said.

Volusia residents interested in learning about online learning can do some research on the Internet. There are many websites, including online universities, that offer instructional videos for adults and teenagers. Those sites can help you learn how to navigate the technology needed to participate in these programs. They may also provide you with tips and tricks for navigating the different programs. In addition, local colleges offer courses using technology, such as computers and the Internet.

Before committing to one particular online learning program or provider, it’s important to check that it is accredited and recognized by the American Association of College Education or the Accrediting Bureau of Business Schools and Programs or the ACBSP.


These associations are responsible for verifying that an online learning program is provided by an accredited institution. They will also perform random audits to make sure the school is providing a quality education. While some online schools are not ACBSP accredited, many of the most prestigious universities are. It is important to verify that your prospective college or university is properly accredited before enrolling in any classes.

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