Online Learning Platform Logo – What Is It

online learning platform logo

An online learning platform is an online website that offers the facility of learning. It can be a classroom, a tutorial or a community site. Usually, these platforms are run by educational institutions for students as well as by companies that provide computer-based training. The facilities provided by the platform website vary according to the needs and requirements of the user. The platform provides the facility of online learning with the help of computer and any other device that are specified by the user. Online learning platform websites provide various facilities like online textbook purchase, online registration, online textbook exchange, textbook transfer, online quiz etc.

An Overview

Earlier, there was no such term as learning platform. But today, a learning platform is an online site that has interactive games, discussion groups, group work, online experiments, discussion forums etc. There are many websites that display different types of learning platforms. Amongst all these sites, some websites offer a variety of choices that include sports logo, .eps background circle stamp, .eps text stamp, .His stamp and much more.

An example of a popular online learning platform is KWASU Siku 1. The website offers a good variety of options for different age groups. Some of the popular choices available are quizzes, personality tests, writing ability test, memory test, intelligence test, essay and so on. Amongst all the tests, the most demanded by users are the personality tests and the quizzes.

The KWASU Siku 1 logo design is an example of an ideal logo design. It has an interesting background circle stamp that represents the school in the unique color of yellow. The logo includes a graphic of a girl holding a ball whilst wearing a white outfit and golden crown on her head. The girl is dressed in a white gown with blue buttons on her gown. The crown on her head looks like a crown, but possesses a little cone shaped dot on top that looks like a basketball.

Best Features

This particular logo depicts a girl who is about to play her very first game as a part of the school’s volleyball team. The ball comes out from under her feet, which is accompanied by her school number. In addition, there is text beneath the graphic indicating that she is currently signed up for a volleyball team in her school. Then below the text, there is a question mark that indicates whether or not she passed the volleyball initiation rite.

Another interesting aspect of this particular emblem is that it is one of those rare instances where the color orange appears in the logo design. The reason why the school decided to place the color orange in the logo is because it has been found that the majority of successful teams in volleyball use the color orange. Those that do not, resorting to yellow or any other alternate colors. So, if you want your team to be recognized by the competition, you can certainly do so with an all-orange logo.

Last Best Platform

A few years ago, there was a time when an online learning platform was launched by the name of “Open Learning”. At that time, they believed that it would be helpful for the people to have an open mind regarding new technology and educational methods. Therefore, they wanted to introduce the concept of a learning platform logo. After the launch of this particular online learning platform, it was found that there were numerous schools that started adopting this concept and using the open learning platform logo.


Today, there are hundreds of platforms that have come into existence. All of these platforms have their own advantages, features, and benefits. However, it is not possible for every school to switch over to such a platform. Therefore, it is advisable for the schools to adopt a learning platform that has a unique design. Once they adopt that platform, they will get a simple way to differentiate themselves from the other schools.

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