Online Learning – How It Can Benefit You And Your Classroom

identify two benefits of online learning

We know that distance education offers more flexibility in terms of coursework and schedules and also offers an individualized learning environment. But we are not sure exactly what the other benefits of distance education are. This article will explore these two areas.


The first benefit of online learning is flexibility. Distance education offers a large selection of courses that can be taken at regular intervals. An online learning institution can accommodate different student groups with different schedules and learn from their own schedules. Students can use the Internet, email, and instant messaging in order to stay in touch with each other and with the instructor.

Online learning is also convenient for those who need to work while they are attending school. Employees at some distance learning institutions do not have to travel to a location in order to attend class. Students can take classes from their home or other location that is convenient to them. The only requirement is that students have access to a computer that has a high-speed Internet connection. In this way, students are able to continue learning while on-the-go student.

Learning also provides an opportunity for socialization. Social interaction, especially among new students, is one of the key benefits of online learning. Students can create friendships and engage in online discussions with fellow classmates.

Opportunity To Improve Skills And Knowledge

Second, online learning also provides an opportunity to improve skills and knowledge. People who are not able to attend a traditional school setting often notice a greater understanding of subject matter and an increased interest in the course offerings. Instructional material is available for free via the Internet and students have access to tutors if needed. Those who are interested in expanding their knowledge of a particular subject often find themselves able to quickly assimilate new concepts after taking a short course on the material.

Instructional materials are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in the classroom. Online learning methods encourage self-directed learning, which allows students to gain valuable self-confidence and become better learners. Self-directed learning requires students to work on their own, rather than relying on the judgment of a teacher or other classmates. This method of learning has been found to result in increased retention of information and a higher level of comprehension. The ability to self-direct one’s education helps increase the self-esteem of the student and his ability to succeed academically.

Non-academic Benefits

In addition to these important academic benefits, online learning offers many non-academic benefits as well. Students who are able to work at their own pace are more likely to stay committed to a course. Those who are self-directed and self-motivated are more likely to meet all of their course requirements. Those who are able to communicate with peers over real-time via instant messaging are also less distracted by extraneous outside influences and can focus more effectively and efficiently on their studies.

Final Words

When you want to identify two key benefits of online learning, consider the ways in which technology has benefited the classroom itself. For example, lesson notes can easily be shared using a PDA, cell phone, laptop, or online web browser. The instructor’s role is not undermined by the ability of their students to learn from the comfort of their own home. Rather, both the teacher and the student can benefit.

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