Online Homeschool Curriculum – A Better Choice Than Traditional Public Schools

Virtual private schools, also called distance schools, offer an exceptional online education program that can help your children thrive. The virtual education programs are the most convenient option for working parents who don’t have time to sit in a classroom and teach. These programs offer an exceptional online curriculum that can be modified to your children’s ages, skills, interests, and aptitudes.

In order to decide which is best, it’s important to understand the differences between homeschooling versus online school. The two types of education are quite similar, though both require hours of dedicated, guided instruction from a licensed home school teacher. Virtual private schools often offer home school programs for children as young as three years of age. These early childhood programs will encompass reading, writing, and basic math skills. Home school versus online school programs also differ in that the virtual programs may utilize a variety of learning media such as video, music, and computer-based activities.

Online Homeschool

In general, public schools are designed to cater to the needs of the teacher. They require constant assessment, upgrades, renovations, planning, and testing. Public schools also receive financial aid, which is one of the main reasons many parents consider a virtual school versus a public school. With virtual schools, families don’t have to worry about applying for student financial aid, which eliminates a lot of forms to fill out.

When comparing homeschooling versus public schooling, there are many similarities. Both types of schooling provide instruction and structured curriculum, which is determined by the National Association for the Promotion of Academic Learning (NAPAL) standards set forth in the U.S. Department of Education. However, public schools must also administer standardized testing and must adhere to certain state testing requirements. As more states are implementing standardized testing in our public schools, many parents are now turning to an online program for their children.

Online Homeschooling: Great Opportunity For Busy Parents

Online homeschooling is also a great alternative for busy parents who do not have time to commute to school or who can’t find the time to apply for federal grants that support homeschool programs. While it is true that online homeschool programs may not receive the funding and attention from public education programs, many public education programs do offer assistance for online homeschoolers in order to help them create a solid curriculum and motivate them to become successful. In addition, online homeschool curriculums have come a long way over the last decade. Many online programs offer more flexibility and choice than ever before, including various forms of multimedia. Although the options for an online homeschooling curriculum may seem limitless, parents should be sure to research their options thoroughly to ensure that they will meet the needs of their children.

Things To Consider

Parents of pre-school children may want to consider a virtual learning program versus a regular brick-and-mortar public school. Virtual schools typically provide instruction in subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, Art, Video Games, or any combination thereof. For homeschooled children who are highly motivated and excited about learning, a virtual school setting may provide the ideal opportunity for lifelong learning.

However, if parents wish to teach their children in a true homeschooling setting, there is still a no better option than public schooling. Public schooling typically provides students with an organized curriculum that is mandated by the state. In addition, most public schools require students to attend certain hours, such as classroom hours and field trips. Furthermore, public schooling often requires parents to enroll their children in various extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports. These activities often provide students with the knowledge and skills that they need in order to succeed in the 21st century. As a result, public schools often provide students with “earnest” lessons that enrich their minds and bodies.

Bottom Line

Homeschoolers have the opportunity to learn what they need to succeed in the 21st century without all of the hassles that come along with public schools. Online learning simply provides parents with a way to ensure that their children receive a well-rounded education that truly counts for their well-being. Online homeschool curriculum choices truly provide parents with a chance to provide their children with the educational experience that they deserve. In the end, parents who choose virtual charter schools over traditional public schools will find that their children flourish in a way that very few other options truly can.

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