Online Classes – The Way Out For Learning In Times Of COVID- 19

Online learning has become quite popular in recent times and it is considered to be quite beneficial. As a matter of fact, opting for online classes is considered to be the most profitable decision people can make. Apart from offering a wide range of demographics to choose from, it will also serve many problems.

Online Classes - The Way Out For Learning In Times Of COVID- 19
Online Classes – The Way Out For Learning In Times Of COVID- 19

If you are still confused as to whether to opt for online classes, learn the advantages of e-learning. One of the primary benefits of these classes is it isn’t generic. These are available in various forms meaning it will give you the option to choose from a wide range of course curriculums.

What you want to choose will depend on your e-learning courses’ purpose. You will have to consider if you are taking full online course load or supplement the on-campus classes with an online one. No matter what is the reason, it is necessary to understand the type of online classes you are undertaking.

Asynchronous Or Synchronous Online Classes

Synchronous and asynchronous includes 4 different types of online classes. Synchronous means at the same time while asynchronous means just the opposite. The former one includes live communication either. Since it is a virtual class, it is done through video calls. The latter on the other hand includes weekly deadlines by allowing students to work at their own pace. Students will be able to interact with fellow students via the online bulletin boards. However, since you are drawing information only through a text medium, it might not be the right option for all.

Synchronous online classes tend to be a little rigid and have an effect on a student’s life. Nevertheless, this is the most popular form of e-learning.

Hybrid Learning

This is a combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning for creating a structure where you will have to cater to a certain time frame. Nevertheless, you can complete your assignments as per your own time and then submit it through an online forum. This option is available to you when a university does not have the required space for accommodating all the students who have signed up for the course.

Open Schedule Online Classes

In this kind, of course, you have complete freedom. Learn the advantages and you will be delighted to opt for the classes. It is asynchronous and you will get internet textbooks for your course. You will also find bulletin and email that helps you to keep up with the course. When you start with the course, you are going to get deadlines for different projects. Thereafter, you can work at your preferred pace to complete the work. This is a great option for you if you are working part-time.

Online Classes - The Way Out For Learning In Times Of COVID- 19
Online Classes – The Way Out For Learning In Times Of COVID- 19

Fixed Time For Online Classes

One of the most common online learning types is the fixed time courses. Like the title states, these courses are available online but students have to log-in at a fixed time to attend their classes. Even though these courses are online, the format is synchronous as it is mandatory to attend the class at a specified time.

Computerized Learning

The primary difference between hybrid and computerized learning is that students cannot enjoy an open schedule. They have to meet in a certain classroom or computer lab every week at the same time.

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