Know The Pros And Cons Of Online Learning

pros and cons of online learning

Currently, online classes are being conducted for children due to coronaviruses so that the education of the children is continued and the rules should be followed to prevent corona. The children do not miss their education. Through online classes, children and their parents are also joining online classes, while children are also enjoying the online classes. They are also being given projects by teachers, as well as being associated with creative works.

But there are 2 aspects to everything. While these online classes are proving to be beneficial for children, there are some disadvantages as well. Let’s know what the opinion of teachers and children and their parents about online classes is. And know the advantages and disadvantages of online classes.

Pros And Cons Of Online Learning

Online classes are quite convenient, and there cannot be any more convenient medium. Through this, children can sit at home and study without going to school. You can sit and study wherever you want. Due to this, children are getting a lot of rest in the summer season so that they can use their energy well.


Due to these classes, the travel time of children is saved. Many children go to school far away from their homes to study, due to which they are pushed. Due to the time lost in travel, they cannot do any extracurricular or extra activity. But now they have so much time with online classes that they can focus on things they like, such as music, dance, painting, etc.

Familiar With The Gadget

Children have a class with video chat, which they are technically perfecting. This is the reason why in today’s date almost all children have a good knowledge of gadgets. The urge to learn new things related to online is increasing among them. Children have learned a new way of using technology with online classes. Simultaneously, teachers have also learned a new way of teaching from online classes and have found new avenues to teach and increase interest in children.

Saving Money

Online class has reduced the burden of parents’ pockets. The money spent on traveling is being saved. In this way, parents are now thinking about online coordinators for their children. Now he does not want to send his children to expensive coaching centers. Several state governments are also considering it.


Schools also believed that online classes were made to complete the course during lockdown. At the same time, children did not lose their habit of studying due to online classes. Therefore, the school is preparing to do many more experiments related to online learning studies in the future. Considering the pros and cons of online education, it is safe to say that it’s improving day by day.

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