Keep Control Of The Time And The Temperature At Home Or Office Using This Amazing Led Clock!

For centuries now, there has been a nostalgia attached to alarm clocks. Generally, an alarm clock can be a small tool that is designed to ensure that you get sound sleep and when the time comes, you can manage to be up on time. The good thing about most alarm clocks is that they are designed to ring with a melodious tune making their utility undeniable. Even though in the last few years, smartphones have turned out to be a substitute or perhaps trying to find their way and take over alarm clocks, eventually, new technologies have managed to bring them back to life and reclaim their command.  

Currently, with the technology change, alarm clocks have been transformed into smart clocks that are now designed to do more than just waking you up. There are now new designs that will even monitor the temperature of your surroundings, among other aspects. Digital, analog, vintage or even a sleek minimal design, basically the one with a more personalized tone or a melodious tune, backlit or not, such are some of the features you should always consider whenever you are looking for an alarm clock.

Digital LED Mirror Alarm Clock With Time And Temperature Display For Home And Office

This particular digital led mirror alarm clock with time and temperature display for home and office is equipped with numerous awesome features, and most multi-taskers would definitely love it. One good thing about this alarm clock is that it has a reflective screen that will not only display the actual time clearly, but you can even use it as a mirror, and it can be a perfect choice, especially for ladies. 

Additionally, this alarm clock comes with an option to choose between 12 or 24-hour time format. Its large and clear number display makes it suitable to be placed next to your bedside, TV unit, study table, living room or even on your office desk for easy time monitoring.

This digital alarm clock is also easy to set up since it comes with function buttons for alarm, mode, light adjustment, and snooze. All you have to do is to short press or long-press to set your preferences. 

Temperature Monitoring Feature

What’s more amusing about this particular gadget is that it’s smart enough to tell you about the interior temperature of your house with the help of its in-built temperature sensor. This smart gadget will give you an option between °C and °F.

Furthermore, if you are one of those folks who completely relies on the snooze factor, this alarm clock has a snooze function to allow you to set it into intervals of 5-60 minutes.


  • You can easily choose snooze intervals.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Has a reflective screen display that you can use as a mirror.
  • Comes with a USB cable meaning you can even charge your phone.
  • Lightweight


  • Too bright light
  • It can only be powered through a USB socket.


With the above information, we are sure that you now have all the necessary information to help you make an intelligent decision when it comes to buying your next alarm clock. Get yourself a smart gadget that you can easily use to monitor your time and temperature around your areas. Make your special order today and enjoy the discount.

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