Identify Two Benefits of Online Learning and Study for Students

The pandemic has taught us how online learning can help us continue with our classes while the whole world is locked down. Today, online learning has proved to a boon as the students can continue with their courses studying from home, without having to attend a physical classroom. If you still unsure about online learning, then here are two benefits of online learning for students. 

Stay Safe And Healthy in the Current COVID-19 Pandemic

It is not advisable to send children to school in the current situation of the virus. Most schools across the globe are shut as no government wants to take risks of mass disease spreading. When the situation of lockdown was announced for the first time, the schools were shut until further notice. But when, everyone realized that this situation might continue for more than a year, the schools thought of conducting online classes, so as not to waste their children’s academic future. 

Because of online learning, students can continue attending classes as if they were in a physical classroom. The only requirements of online learning is to have a good internet connection and a good computer system. Children can open their cameras to show their faces to their teachers. They can listen to the lectures and even ask doubts. The teachers shares the screen while showing videos or working out sums. This entire procedure proved to be quite easy and within a few days, the children got used to online learning. Eventually, even exams were conducted online and no student had to waste a complete year because of COVID-19.

They could sit at home and stay safe and healthy. They could prevent the spread of disease or contracting it from their peers.

Record Sessions for Review Later

Another benefit of online learning is that students can record whatever sessions are given by the teacher. This helps them go back to a topic if they have missed or not understood well. This clearly cannot be done in a physical class. This benefit of online learning overpowers the physical classroom learning. Students can even mute their mics when they experience some commotion at home, so as not to disturb their online class. They can work in their books or take notes as the teacher speaks on Google classroom or Zoom classroom.

The pandemic has proved that online learning is not so bad after all. We save thousands on fuel and transportation bills and yet manage to keep up with our studies. For students who are also doing parttime jobs, online learning proves to be a boon, as you can attend lections in-between breaks and take time to grasp every bit of information. If you are listening to a pre-recorded session, you can play and pause until you fully comprehend with the topic and only then move ahead.

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