How To Select The Best Online Learning Sites

With millions of new students signing up to take classes online every day, hundreds of thousands of educational websites have risen. Some are useful for students and instructors alike, while others focus on different niches of interest. The best online learning sites, online platforms, and portals reviewed here are for instructors, developers, school administrators, and graduate students. The critical points of each site will most likely help you make an educated choice when you choose a program to teach you.

What Constitutes the Best Online Sites?

Various factors constitute the best online learning sites. Some of these points can be pointed out as follows:-

Classes from the Comfort of The Home

For anyone taking courses from their home, one of the best online learning sites should be offering the most flexibility and ease of use. Among the key highlights of all these websites will include forums, blogs, specialized tools, mock tests, tutorials, and so forth.

The Affordability

Another key point for many people looking at these sites for learning is affordability; This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but, indeed, the best online learning sites for working professionals usually offer discounted prices. These platforms may be free or offer minimal fees for access to the instructors, which would be highly beneficial for working professionals on limited budgets.

Free Trial Period

When looking for the best online learning sites for web development, another critical point to consider is whether they offer a 1-month free trial. Many of the most popular platforms for this purpose also offer a 1-month free trial period, which makes it easy to evaluate whether a site is right for you.

Type of Classes Offered

A final consideration for selecting the best online learning sites for working professionals is to consider the types of classes offered. While most provide introductory courses in basic web design and development skills, several platforms specialize in instructional courses in accounting, finance, interior design, law, marketing, and more. These classes can be offered in various formats, including books, videos, and full-fledged courses that require classroom settings. Some platforms even provide combination programs, which means that you can enroll in one class and have the other modules coming in different ways, such as videos, tutorials, and CDs.

Examples of Some of the Best Online Classes

Some of the best online learning sites are supported by leading universities. For example, the University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, Stone Bridge College, ITT Technical college, and more. The leading universities are the ones that will offer you the courses you need. Along with that, they will also give you the option to take the courses for credit at the nearest university.

Many colleges and universities support the best online learning websites, but they are much more affordable than the paid courses. For example, you can pay only $30 per month to learn at the University of Phoenix. Of course, this is far from free, but for the type of education you get, it may be worth it. These online learning websites have hundreds of course options, so you can still take these courses even if you are already enrolled in a university or other institution.

EDX Program

If you are actually looking for a complete study program, you might consider enrolling in one of the free courses offered by edX. edX offers many different levels of education, depending on your needs. They also have various learning models, including discussion boards, group activities, games and puzzles, blogs, and surveys. They recently have announced that they will be offering paid courses as well. Coursera is one of the top companies that use Webel technology to provide their users with a comprehensive curriculum. They are currently testing some of their new Webell products and are hoping that they will soon be making them available to everyone.


The best online learning websites also provide a forum to help students interact. These websites are beneficial for those who want to get some extra training on new skills or gain new insights into specific areas.

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