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Online learning is one of the fastest-growing fields in education today. It offers a variety of benefits that would not be available to a student in a traditional classroom setting. These benefits include but are not limited to: greater flexibility, personalization, reduced costs and scheduling, convenience, research tools, and instant gratification. However, with so many online learning opportunities available, how do you choose which one will work best for you? To help you with this selection process, we have listed the top online learning sites and programs below. If you are an educator or would like to be one, I would encourage you to peruse these helpful resources.

Online Learning Sites

CoursesVR is one of the first free online learning sites offered to consumers. This company offers courses in a variety of subjects, including Computer Science, Art, Business, DIY, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing, Health and Fitness, Law, and Social Work. The topics covered are subject-specific, so you can expect to learn new skills as well as review old ones from previous classes. Once you have taken the required number of lessons, you will be provided with a link to take you to your next lesson on the CoursesVR website.

Free Degree Programs

Free Degree Programs is a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality free online courses for adults, students, and returning professionals. CoursesVR offers more than two hundred free courses from some of the country’s top colleges, universities, technical schools, and other institutions. Courses are taught by professional instructors and supported by professionally designed study guides. There is a wide range of subjects offered in the curriculum, and students can select the subject they are interested in regardless of major or certification they currently hold.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the most comprehensive of all the online learning sites. It was founded by a successful computer science education entrepreneur who had realized that many of his friends were unable to attend traditional college due to their lack of access to personal computers. He realized that by creating a platform where people from all over the world could share their knowledge, the knowledge could be spread far and wide and would be made easily available to everyone. Today, hundreds of millions of people from all over the world take advantage of the free lectures, lesson videos, and study guides provided by the Khan Academy. This has enabled the Khan Academy to expand its educational services, offering distance learning, and online tutoring options as well. In addition to offering conventional college-level courses, the site offers a very popular open learning initiative, whereby a student can interact with an experienced teacher via email and learn at his own pace.

University of Texas

The open learning initiative was developed by Dr. Zahi Hathi-Khairaki, a computer science education professor at the University of Texas. He realized that some of the best learning sites did not have the appropriate technologies to support his project, which is why he set up the Open Courseware initiative. Since its launch, millions of students from all around the world have taken advantage of the online courses offered by the academy. In fact, the number of users has been growing exponentially, and the site is now regarded as one of the best learning centers on the internet.

The other major objective of the founders of these websites was to provide online learning to people who otherwise could not afford the quality education they needed. Many of the course materials are available for free, and the students do not have to pay a single cent to access the course materials. However, there are a variety of different features that make these courses extremely interesting. The most important feature, however, is the ability to help the users to learn quickly and efficiently. This is the main objective behind the development of these professional development courses.

Things To Know

These professional development courses teach the users the basic skills required for them to become better programmers, designers, or just better-educated individuals. Some of the topics taught in these online courses include web designing, online database design, web programming, audio and video editing, web publishing and networking, image and graphic design, as well as various aspects of software development and much more. The better explained the course, the more useful it is for the students. For example, if you are looking for a quick tutorial on how to build a website in C, you will find that the C programming course is a good way to learn it. However, if you would like to know more about database design, then the web designing course will better explain the topic than the C course.

Bottom Line

In order to take advantage of these fantastic opportunities provided by LinkedIn Learning, you should sign up for their free online education programs. This will give you first-hand information on the subjects taught in the curriculum of these professional development schools. You will also get access to a group of fellow students with similar interests to yours and a friendly community. Once you have started to participate actively in the discussions, you will discover that you begin to enjoy the course even more. This is because you will start to learn more about these topics, and you will develop the expertise that will allow you to advance in your career.

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