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open source online learning platform

Education has no boundaries, and if it has, this generation of advanced technology makes education easy to get. Open source online learning platform is one of a kind. It provides us free access to knowledge of anything we are eager to learn to pursue. Here we can learn with no time boundary or schedule and with no expenses. The concept of open-source online learning commenced in software development. Where software easily provides data to use to their user and where users can make changes as per their requirements. Few examples of open-source online learning platform that we can discuss are-


Edu-sharing is described as a cross-organizational exchange of content and tools, cloud storage for learning environments, and authoring tools. Edu-sharing is an open-source online learning platform that allows the user to access their learning program and the other learning program. Edu-sharing provides users educational cloud and makes them accessible to learn content and tools. And also allow all the connected systems to access it.

Edu-sharing comes with integrated quality content by using it via our applications on mobile phones and laptops.


Effectus is designed for learners in our minds. An open-source online learning platform to improve the quality of collaborations and mobility and to enhance it as a comprehensive training management collection. We can get access to customize data in a real-time impact on learners mind and training. It catches up with the user interface like UX, UI, and IDL. Effective also provides users with gaming learning also with the features like scores and badges.


Chamilo is another improved open-source online learning platform that supports users in access learning by making it easy for the user. Ichamilo is a user-friendly learning platform that lets the user and their class as per their requirement easily. Chamilo provides users with organized interface settings. The main objective of Chamilo is that they believe in clear communication modes and build a network of services for better use.


A customized and fast way to install. The author is an ultimate open-source online learning platform. Without having so much technical knowledge, ATutor functions work easily with some feature modules. The author even helps the user by available them such websites that they can install and upgrade. The author is known for proving online learning courses in a short while. ATutor provides the instruction formed content which helps the user to assembling, packaging redifferentiation, and standardization basis.

Latitude Learning

With a promise to be excellent client care. Latitude meaning focuses on providing effective training projects to employees, enterprise channel networks, and their franchises and dealership. Latitude learning allows training operations in an effective and efficient manner and provides a better place for the students as per their requirements.

Last Thought

Open source online learning platform gives us an end number of chances to get as much knowledge as we want with free access. Some renown examples wee discussed above that help us get the knowledge of every field.

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