Engaging Your Kids In Fun Learning Activities

Fun Learning; At a tender age of 5 or 6, all a kid wants is color in his life. to engage your kid can a dreadful task at first, especially, if you want your kid to engross himself in e-learning activities. Snatching away the phone while your kid is playing a game will not only torment his mood but also torment your role. 

Engaging Your Kids In Fun Learning Activities
Engaging Your Kids In Fun Learning Activities

You can keep your kids learning strategy by introducing him to newer games. Games that can help him get better at calculations and words. Here are some of the suggestions you could use to keep your kid engaged in e-learning activities:

  1. Scrabble games over the internet
  2. Coding lessons
  3. Learn a new foreign language
  4. Practice abstract math concepts 
  5. Go scavenger hunting
  6. Draw and color animals and birds
  7. Improve vocabulary by playing word families
  8. Learn about the cultures of the world
  9. Introduce them to other peers over social media
  10. Get them to play quizzes online

Now that the world is dealing with Covid-19 Pandemic Outbreak, e-learning is the only option you are left with. It does not necessarily need a classroom, just you and your attentive and excited child. 

If you are a working-from-home mom/ dad, teaching your kids will be a lot to handle on your plate. So, you can

Few Pointers To Come Out As A Successful Parent-Cum-Teacher: Fun Learning

  1. Engage them in meaningful activities right from the beginning, like playing chess, maybe? This game not only aces at problem-solving skills but also toughens your kid up for facing difficulties in his life. 
  1. Get them to develop their own little bubble of the imagination but handing over a plain paper and a box of colors or painting colors to them. This will get their creative juices flowing if in case, you are an artist yourself, you are sure to expect something beautiful out of your child’s art.
  1. If you were a science student and enjoyed doing science experiments, then you can introduce your kid to easy science experiments. Just in case, you want your kid to pursue science and flair up his skills. 
  1. Bond with your kids by including them in your chores. Like, make them help you wash the dishes, dry up the clothes, bake a cake or two, or just show them how to make their own bed. These activities do not really qualify as e-learning activities but they are just basic learning activities that each child must master at some point in his or her life. 
Engaging Your Kids In Fun Learning Activities
Engaging Your Kids In Fun Learning Activities
  1. Teach them how to get the better of technology by only making them play word puzzles, quizzes, and explorative animal and plant world games. 

You must not limit your kids learning by reducing their playtime, but you must definitely make their syllabus and portion have a little bit of play and struggle and fun in them. This way, your kids will love to learn what they thought would sound boring and unfun. 

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