E-Learning In 10th Class

E-Learning in 10th class - How Beneficial It is?

The beauty of e-learning is that you can repeat it at any place and at any time. This repeatability is one of the main reasons why e-learning platforms have become so popular in recent years. It is for these reasons that students of the 10th class can get a lot of help from e-learning platforms. Level 10 is a challenging class because the annual school board exams are scheduled, and students need to score high marks so that they can get into the right college later on.

Ways Self-learning is Initiated Through E-learning Solutions
Ways Self-learning is Initiated Through E-learning Solutions

Completing The Huge Syllabus

There is a lot of rush to complete the syllabus in the 10th class also, and teachers often have to cram their lessons to finish the curriculum. This rush can result in students not grasping all of the readings entirely, and this can mean that they cannot perform well in their board exams. E-learning can help remove this problem. This small article will discuss why e-learning can be helpful for students of the 10th class.

E-Learning And Class 10

Class 10 is often dreaded by teachers, students, and their parents alike because of the sheer importance of the class 10 school exams. These exams mark the first vital exams of a student’s life, which will impact his or her future in a big way. Class 10 exam marks and grades are an essential aspect of future college and university admissions and even for job interviews. It is why there is constant pressure on students to score well in these exams. Parents usually worry about their wards, they insist on studying hard.

Teachers are also under pressure because they have to complete a lot of syllabus within a short, stipulated time duration. It is for this reason; teachers have to rush through several lessons and complete their curriculum within a short period of classes. It often means that most students will have problems understanding their lessons completely. A lot of times, some students will ignore the lessons which they did not understand. They hope to revise them later. But this means that their basic concepts have remained weak until well into the future.

The worrying factor is that the lack of complete understanding is not limited to just one or two specific subjects. It is for all the topics from science and math to history and civics. Teachers also will not go back and revise their lessons once they finish. Hence, students take up extra tuition classes to clear their doubts.

E-Learning And Its benefits

E-learning is of immense help in this regard. It is comparatively cheaper than employing a private tutor. In one e-learning app, you will get quality teachers for all the class 10 subjects. These experienced teachers know how the grade 10 exam modules are. They know how students can score well.

The lessons offered have a specific focus to enable the student to score well in their class 10 exams.

Lastly, you can have the option of repeating any lesson you want from any subject as many times as you like until you are finally confident to move on.
Hence, e-learning for class 10 students is so crucial.

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