E-learning For 12th Class

E-learning For 12th Class – Applicability Of Online Learning

What is the importance of e-learning for 12th class? For students, level 12 is the pinnacle of their school education. Class 12 is the end of their school life and will pave the way for the future. Class 12 exams are essential in this respect because a good score can help a student get into the college of his or her dreams. The limitation of seats in good government colleges means that students have to study hard in their Class 12 and score well in the exams so that they can secure a place in a prestigious college. For these reasons, there is an immense amount of pressure on students to perform well in their class 12 examinations. Students have to study day in and night to prepare for their exams. E-learning can help class 12 students in a variety of ways and lessen the study load on their shoulders.

E-learning For 12th Class – E-learning And Convenience:

Class 12 means a lot of subjects and very little time. Teachers, from the schools, are under a lot of pressure to finish their curriculum, and they will often rush from one lesson to the other without really explaining everything in detail. Also, different students learn in different ways. Some students are fast learners, while others take a bit more time. So, in a classroom environment, all the students will not be able to learn at the same pace. Thus, this compels students to take up private tuitions.

E-learning can be helpful in this regard. E-learning provides students with the ability to learn at their own pace. They can go back to lessons which they did not understand correctly and repeat them multiple times till they are sure to have grasped it.

In addition to this, students will have the ability to take multiple quizzes and tests online, which can help them prepare better for their final exams. Thus, e-learning provides students with the convenience to learn their curriculum by themselves as per their comfort levels.

E-learning For 12th Class – E-Learning And Conceptual Enhancement

Class 12 curricula involve a lot of new subjects and concepts. Often, a student can feel the need to revisit a particular idea multiple times to learn it better. E-learning has several options which can help a student learn these concepts through different ways from different teachers. There is also the option of learning science lessons from interactive models and 3D tutoring, which provides students with a more immersive learning experience.

Various options help students to enhance their educational concepts, particularly with those from science and mathematics. These options will help the students to learn in a better way and allow them to perform better in their exams and the future.

E-learning And Private Tuitions

It can go hand in hand with private tuitions and complement it. Some students prefer e-learning apps over private tuitions. The reason is that e-learning is more value for money. It offers more grilling tests, more explanations of difficult concepts, and unlimited revision.
Thus, e-learning apps are perfect for class 12 students, and these apps will help them perform well in their exams.

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