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E-Learning App Development For Today Corporate Community

So, you have created your very own online learning portal and now you need to figure out how to make it search engine friendly. Creating an online learning platform requires a little know-how about what the search engines like and search terms that they use. The more research you do into search engine optimization, the better off you are going to be. You can find some free online tutorials on the topic, but for more in-depth information you will want to consult with experts. They can help you with keyword research, link building, and much more.

An Overview

Another consideration is that there are some free platforms available. These free platforms often contain the same tools that you pay for with Udemy and other e-learning platforms. With these free platforms, you can build your basic course or you can enhance the course so that it fits your needs. If you do not have any knowledge in programming, e-commerce, or the web, you should probably stick with a free platform to start out with until you build up your knowledge. There are many options that fit this criteria including Google’s Personal Learning Zone.

There are some large corporations that offer a complete online education solution. For example, in September 2021, Harvard University launched the “Hooked Online University” and began offering multiple degree programs to hook up webcams with real classrooms. Harvard has joined a growing field of universities that are using virtual online learning platforms. There are also a number of schools and colleges that have developed their own proprietary hookless e-learning platforms. For example, Virginia Tech University has developed its own web-based video portal known as you. Virginia Tech’s portal has various different courses available including computer science, electrical engineering, and information technology, among others.

Know All Options 

It is recommended that when you are designing your platform that you carefully consider all the options available to you. You will want to look at all the applications, pricing tiers, and whether you want to partner with a third party developer or if you want to develop your own in-house application. The choices are numerous, but you will need to make the right ones for your needs. For example, you may be able to get a lower price by developing your own udemy, but if you don’t have programming experience, you will want to use a third party developer to help you. While you can have a docent platform that provides pre-designed lessons, by far the most effective way to provide students with easy to follow instructions, and to interact with other students on a frequent basis, is to develop a self contained udemy that is easy to administer via the Web.

Another good option is to purchase an open source docebo software package that provides a complete platform including instructor led instruction, interactive quizzes, a forum, and interactive tests. These types of e-learning platforms provide the backbone for all courses. The challenge is that the docent platform is not generally free. While some platforms are supported by open source software, many companies decide to charge for licensing to support their product.


In addition to e-learning platform features, you should also consider the content available on your demo website. The ability to easily create, store, and share online courses are just the beginning. You should also consider tools that allow students to access learning content from multiple sources, such as textbooks and online content. Adding discussion forums to your demo website is also a great way to provide additional educational opportunities.

There are numerous advantages to developing your own e-learning website. First, you will have complete control over the content that is offered on your site. You will also be in charge of the instructor led courses that are provided on your site. When done well, an online learning platform offers the best of all worlds. You have the opportunity to provide comprehensive, instructor led courses, as well as the ability to easily create, update, and maintain content.

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