Best Online Learning Website Templates

online learning website template

Since there are already many ways to get educated, it’s essential to make the courses accessible by including them in the cyberspace. Almost everything is already available on the Internet. And it’s high time that you integrate school and learning into the few taps and clicks of your smartphones and computers.

Making education accessible is a giant leap. But with the help of online learning websites, you can quickly launch a learning website that can encourage learning wherever you are. Here are some of the best online learning website templates to help you start your educational website. 


For optimal learning and productiveness, Edustage can keep you organized. Whether you are developing a website for your school or planning to implement an online classroom, Edustage can provide a productive workspace with its modern interface. 

Among the critical features of Edustage include registrations forms, testimonial sliders, navigation bars, and hover effects. You can also attach widgets for newsletter subscriptions and a contact form to quickly attend to concerns of those visiting your website. 


If you opt for a minimalist yet functional space with your learning website, Oneschool should be your choice. Its single-page layout will let you present your educational project to people in just a page. 

Although it seems that Oneschool may limit your website, it is, in fact, a versatile and functional template. You can tweak a few features here and there, and customize it to fit your design, and you’re ready to go. 

Education WordPress Themes

online learning website template

WordPress has long been a go-to when anyone plans to launch a website or keep a personal blog. As the most popular free content management system, WordPress is easy to navigate and customize and very functional. 

The Divi theme of WordPress is a top choice among web developers who plan to launch websites for schools and universities. With its aesthetic layout designs, versatile set of built-in features, you can pull off an engaging and informative website for your school. 

Online Edu

Online Edu is all about resourcefulness. Its interface and website template can curate the best educational platform. And although Online Edu functions with an HTML template, it is still easy to work with. For a neat, modern, distraction-free look, Online Edu is an excellent choice for you. 


Suppose you are planning to launch a kid-friendly educational and learning website or website for daycare or kindergarten. In that case, Kiddy is the right choice for you. Especially designed for kids, the website layout comes with eye-popping colors and interactive designs. Perfect for kids who are less attentive and easily distracted. 

Kiddy also has a mobile-ready interface for your website. The website layout also comes with a built-in design which can let you include newsletter subscriptions and gallery. 


online learning website template needs to be chosen carefully

Boost your online presence in the academic world by launching a learning website through Fox. Schools, universities, and online enrollment classes use Fox because it is easy to use and navigate. With its sliders, scroll content loading, and other features you can use for your website, you can achieve a modern and professional-looking website with Fox. 

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