Best Online Learning Site for Kids

best online learning site for kids

There are many free and paid online learning sites for kids. Some of these have written content that is to be read and understood, while some have teachers giving proper visual classes. Some sites solve their queries, while some site offer everything to a child to be able to learn a particular subject or matter. Here are the best online learning sites for kids.


This one is not a paid site and it charges $15/month or $99/year for unlimited access to 20,000+ classes. The free version of this site offers 2000+ classes for free. The library has more than 20,000 classes. You can also opt for a free 2 months trial. This one is one of the most popular online learning platforms for kids. The classes are divided into three categories like thrive – lifestyle, productivity, build – business analytics, freelance and entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and management, create – animation, video and films, graphic design, creative writing, photography, web development and more. This site offers a project-based approach to learning and allows students to expand their creativity. They offer video presentation and a class project.

The only downside of this site is that their courses are not accredited by any institution and they also do not offer any certificate. You just get to learn new skills here. When you opt for the premium membership, you get unlimited access to all the classes in the library. 

LinkedIn Learning Ex Lynda

This site is priced at $2999 per month or @29988 per year. There are more than 16000 courses here. There is no accreditation and you can opt for a free trial of a month. LinkedIn was rated as one of the best and oldest e-learning sites. Lynda is its learning platform. You get to learn many high-quality courses for all levels right from beginners to advanced. This site has a free monthly subscription that gives you access to all the content. The courses are divided into bite-sized modules that help you absorb the information better. You can even download the courses. These courses are not accredited, but they do offer a Certificate of Completion that you can add later to your profile.


This site offers an unlimited subscription at $180 per year. There are 80+ classes but no free trial for this site. This online learning platform is different from others because the courses are taught by famous experts and celebrities. One can learn acting from Natalie Portman, filmmaking from Martin Scorsese, singing from Christina Aguilera and so on. You need to pay $15 per month to get unlimited access to all the classes. Each course offers 20 lesson of about 10 minutes each. The classes are given by high-quality video lessons, community activities, workbooks and assignments. You can even join discussions, get feedback and connect with other students. There are no deadlines in this site and the videos can be downloaded for viewing later. 

These are three of the best online learning sites for kids and students. 

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