Best Online Learning Platforms For Free

online learning platform free

Learning and discovering new things had always been an exciting venture. It may be a struggle at times, but the results will surely guarantee that it was worth it. However, if you feel that you are being restrained from further pursuit in a particular field, don’t worry because online learning platforms had made it easier for willing students to learn more. And what’s more, they can offer courses for free.

As of late, people who had been stuck in their homes for months had nothing to do. Most wanted to learn new skills. And with that, many had started looking up online learning platforms to help them cope with staying at home for months. 

So if you’ve always wanted to pursue a different major or like to learn new things, here are the best online learning platforms that have teamed up with the premier institutions. 


If you are looking for an online learning platform that offers extensive lessons under different disciplines, check out Coursera. 

In collaboration with other companies and institutions, such as IBM, Google, the University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford, Coursera can help you learn with its multiple course offerings. 

Aside from the free online classes, you will also be granted certificates upon finishing a course. You can also attain a full university degree for a nominal fee. 

Coursera is also an ideal learning platform if you want to learn about computer sciences. You can get a Google IT Support Professional Certificate once you fulfill a course. The website also offers Masters of Computer and Information Technology. 


online learning platform free

Attend an Ivy League school and receive topnotch education while staying at your home’s comforts with edX. This online learning platform has teamed up with the best schools such as Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and UC Berkeley. 

There are many programs you can enroll in. You can also join in their Global Freshman Academy. What makes edX also a great learning tool is that it offers professional certification programs such as the MicroBachelors program. 

Khan Academy

If you’re not the only one who is craving to go back to school, but as well as your kids who had long been stuck at home, Khan Academy is the right platform to help you study. It is also much more accessible to other countries, as they offer classes in different languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Frech, and 30 other available languages.

So whether you are in kindergarten or high school or even just someone looking for new things to learn, check out Khan Academy for your next lesson. 


online learning platform free helps millions of students globally

Canvas offers standard learning programs that you can enroll in with an impressive roster of professors hailing from community colleges and local universities. 

But what makes Canvas stand out of the other online learning platforms is it caters to individuals who are already teaching or are planning to become teachers and instructors. Among the course offerings in Canvas include University Governance and Academic Leadership, and as well as Writing in the Disciplines Professional Development.

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