Best Online College Courses For Students In the US -

Best Online College Courses For Students In the US

Thanks to the internet and technology, it made students learn a lot within a limited screen. As traditional education is not possible in this pandemic situation students opt to choose different online courses to enrich their knowledge. E-learning lets students get knowledge in various fields including many non-major subjects. This E-learning platform has huge advantages. Moreover, online courses can provide more visual teaching which is less possible in traditional education systems.

Best Online Courses For Students In the US

  • English Language Course Online: This course is offered by The New England School of English, situated in Cambridge, USA. If you are a lover of the English language and want to improve your language efficiency then you can choose to take this online course. You can learn Grammar,  Idioms, Conversation & Listening, Reading & Writing, Business English, TOEFL, Legal English, Medical English, Aviation English, and Pronunciation classes. Certificates of completion are provided at each level.
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python: This course is offered free by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology through the edX platform. It is a beginners level course and a certificate of completion is offered at $75. It is a 9-week long course with 14-16 hours per week. You can learn basic Computer Science and Programming Using Python, and Computational Thinking, and Data Science.
  • Financial Markets: This course is offered at Yale University through Coursera. It is a free online course for beginners. It is 7 weeks long, having 33 hours’ worth of material. Paid certificate available. The course will teach you financially-savvy leadership skills.
  • Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: This course is offered by Harvard University be edX. It is a free online course for beginners. The duration is 6 weeks long, 3-5 hours a week. The certificate of completion costs $169.00. This course will give you an idea of an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and solving complex social problems. 
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking: Offered by Stanford University on the Coursera website. It is a free online course for beginners. It is 5 weeks long, having 11 hours’ worth of material. Paid certificate available. The course enables you to understand the importance of child nutrition and the impact of the daily nutrition given to children.

Advantages of Online Courses

  • Online courses are a very convenient method of learning and are very flexible.
  • Sitting at home, in your study room, you can learn lots of new things.
  • Online courses will let you learn by yourself without teaching guides.
  • People from different countries reach online courses which let you communicate with them and learn interesting things.
  • Online courses have no restrictions and you can enjoy lifelong learning.
  • In online courses, you need not spend too much money. They are mostly affordable.
  • Through online course learning, you can get connected to a global village.

Disadvantages of Online Courses

  • As you learn through self-education online classes may require additional study time.
  • Procrastination is higher in online courses.
  • Online courses are possible only if you have perfect time management skills.
  • You won’t get group study or group discussion chances in online courses as you are isolated to a private screen.
  • You need to be more independent.
  • No mentor or guide is there to pamper you, especially if you are a slow learner.
  • You must study in your interest.
  • Online courses will give you more freedom that can be easily misused. It’s actually up to you.


Thus online courses will let you learn everything from your home. You can enrich your knowledge by learning different subjects from various fields.

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