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Christian Homeschool


Christian Homeschool

I found a school with Christian teachers. It’s called homeschool. True story. I know that may be hard to believe, but it’s true! Really. You see, we’re already part of the best school in the world: The Holy Catholic Church. And within this awesome institution is our classroom, the family. Therein lies an awesome opportunity for education and the formation of great Christian disciples. We can’t lose. I know it’s not exactly like the school you went to, but that’s how it works. Rather than receiving information about Catholicism from teachers who spend time researching and organizing their lessons, we learn what God wants us to know through prayer and daily life experiences. And both my husband and I are required to be teachers, not simply because we love children but because God wants us to. And you know what. We do love children. Our kids are great and so much fun (most of the time). I can’t tell you how homeschooling works for everyone. That’s like saying there is only one way to celebrate Christmas or eat spaghetti. Everyone does those things a little differently and for different reasons. Homeschooling is an umbrella term that covers many educational approaches, teaching styles, and philosophies of learning. We homeschool because we love our children with a fiercely protective love and want to give them the very best formation possible, academically as well as spiritually, so they may know, love, and serve God. We homeschool because we want our children to desire to learn above all else since wisdom is better than silver or gold (Proverbs 8:11). We homeschool because we want them to grow up pursuing their interests without the pressure of testing into a college that could care less about them beyond how much money they can bring to the university. We homeschool because we want our children to love people and serve others rather than chasing worldly success that will leave them empty when they discover it can’t be possessed.

Benefits of Christian Homeschool

Christian Homeschool

Standard benefits

  • You’ll have a better understanding of the Catholic faith.
  • Your child will learn about Catholicism from people who are living it every day.

Emotional benefits

  • Teach your children to love and serve God above all else.
  • Help them grow up pursuing their interests without pressure to conform to worldly standards.
  • No more nagging about homework or late-night worrying about grades.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to learn along with them.

Spiritual benefits

Since God is the center of our homeschool, He will be present in ways your children might not have experienced before. As you grow closer to God, so will they.

List of Christian Homeschool

  • Calvert Homeschool
  • Catholic Heritage Curriculum
  • Christian Liberty Academy
  • Emmaus Road Home School
  • Lighthouse Christian Academy
  • Northeast Catholic Home School Association
  • Pensacola Catholic Home School Association
  • Pillar of Fire
  • Saint Anne Home School
  • Virgilio Academy Homeschool


There are so many different ways to homeschool. Some families take a more relaxed approach, while others have established timetables with specific lesson plans. The benefits of homeschooling are numerous, both academically and spiritually. The best way to find out if homeschooling is right for your family is to pray about it and simply take a deep breath and dive in.

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