Benefits Synchronous Online Learning Ideas For The Learning Curve You Need

benefits synchronous online learning

Online learning has become hugely popular, attracting students with its schedule-friendly format options. One such format is synchronous online learning. It is an effective form of distance education, offering several benefits for educators and students. Synchronous Online Learning is distance education happening in real-time but from different physical locations and includes a set class schedule. It means that all of your classmates, including you and your instructor, interact with each other in a specific virtual place. In such type of learning, attendance is taken in the same way as in a lecture hall. Students usually go through the learning path together, completing tasks and activities while being accompanied by their instructor at every point in time.

Basics And Benefits Synchronous Online Learning

Each one of you must have watched a live video on any social networking app, wherein you were even able to show your appraisal by leaving a comment. If that broadcast was teaching you something, then it is one of the methods of synchronous learning. Other methods by which students and instructors, despite being in different locations, can meet virtually are web-based classes, webinars, live stream.

Benefits Of Synchronous Online Learning

Classroom Engagement

With synchronous online learning, active discussion, personal interactions with peers and instructors, and immediate feedback can take place. While being at the comforts of home with no commute time, live video conferencing, chatting in real-time, and lecture broadcast can offer classroom engagement.

Synchronous learning also offers teachers many useful ways to teach so that students with different learning styles can be catered to.

Structured Learning

Synchronous online format allows for more structured learning via a more dynamic exploration of ideas, topics, and concepts. There is also the flexibility to do your own research side by side without disturbing the class in any way. Moreover, with videoconferencing, you can ask your questions and get them answered mid-lesson.

This structure allows the learning group to keep on track and ensures that no student is left behind.

More Benefits Synchronous Online Learning

Improves Student-Instructor Relationship

With synchronous learning, the learning group actively participates in face-to-face discussions and regularly interacts with the instructors. In this way, the instructors can mentor each student and provide individual guidance to them. As this structure removes isolation among the students, we can form a healthy community with strong student-instructor relations.

Flexibility To Learn From Anywhere

A central plus point of synchronous learning is that the learners and instructors can meet in a virtual environment regardless of the location at which they are. All they need to get knowledge is a computer or a mobile device with good internet access.

Cost-Effective & Time Management Is Met

Synchronous online learning reduces the cost of training as it reduces the cost of transportation, thereby reducing travel time. In this way, both learners and instructors can achieve the best results possible.


Synchronous online learning engages with learners and instructors, and their comments, questions, and feedback are addressed upon. It is one of the critical methods of delivering distance education, offering a more significant structure to courses, and boosting engagement. By enabling learners from anywhere across the globe to interact and gain skills and knowledge in real-time, synchronous learning can produce enriching online education experiences.

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