A List Of Best Online Learning Platforms- You Must Know

best online learning platforms

New shifts in education have been brought due to the covid-19 crisis. The way students and office workers used to get educated around the world has been changed due to the covid-19 crisis. As many are working in essential business, working from home, trying to get new clients, or simply taking care of the loved one in this Global pandemic is not a very good time to polish your skills. Online classes have become a great option to keep yourself busy and productive as lockdown orders for most countries have extended for several weeks. We have listed below a few online learning courses which will offer you a plethora of courses suggested by experts in different fields and professors of top universities. Free access to the paid plans is offered by many online education platforms due to the covid-19.

1.  Coursera-

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Courses from top education providers around the world are offered by the course which is a very popular online education platform. The World’s best standard of education is provided through MOOC by this company as this company has grown rapidly over time. Universities including Stanford, Duke, Penn, Princeton, Michigan, Peking, and HEC Paris and companies like IBM, Google, and PWC are the partners of this online training platform. From 48 different countries, they have 190 active partners which are backed by renowned investors such as Kleiner, Perkins, New Enterprise Associates, Learn Capital, and Seek Group. Individually or for the entire specialization is the criteria on which the fees are taken by this website depend. For learners who qualify also get financial aid.

2.  Skillshare-

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Both students and teachers will be benefited from this online education platform as it offers a thousand courses that are related to design, business, marketing, technology, photography, film, fashion, music, gaming, cooking, writing, DIY crafts, and more through this. Step-by-step guidelines are provided by this platform, instructors can easily create classes. A referral compensation for teachers is offered by this online learning platform if you subscribe to the premium package. A free, premium, and team pricing plans are offered by Skillshare. The fee structure which is offered by skillshare ranges from $8 per month which is the premium plan.

3.  Lynda.com-

A wide variety of Creative technology and business courses are provided by this website which has now become a part of LinkedIn learning. An informative section and clear video-based training for individuals, corporate, and academics are offered by lynda.com. For over a decade teaching skills such as photography and coding are the specialization of this famous teaching website. Organizations such as Adobe, Full Sail University, Patagonia, NBC, and USC are some of the platforms which use this online learning website. A one-month free trial program is offered by this website. You will also get a trial period and a price starting from 29.99 Dollars per month.


In this era of global pandemic covid-19, online learning platforms have become very convenient and are now in demand because of the lockdown situation which is taking place in most of the countries to curb the surge of covid-19. Therefore we have listed above few online learning websites to help you out in your quest. If you want to know more about such an online learning platform stay tuned.


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