7 Extremely Beneficial And Best Site For Free Online Learning

In the 21st century, online learning has become a new trend. And, the great technology makes the learning process easier. In online learning, you take courses online instead of physical or offline classes. If you can study easily by being at your place, then online learning is the best option for you. Online learning can provide you many serious benefits such as you will become responsible and learn how to manage time. You will also learn about new technical skills. Online learning is also known as ‘computer-based learning. Here, you can find the best site for free online learning.

Know About The Best Site For Free Online Learning 

You can find endless resources on the internet for knowledge and education. And what’s more interesting is that so many high-quality online learning sites are for free. Here are the best sites for free online learning.

Linkedin Learning 

Linkedin learning offers you a wide range of online learning courses which are more than 16000. Experts and professionals of different kinds of fields will help you in learning different courses. You can watch the live lectures or recorded sessions. 


eDx is another great option for the best site for free online learning. This site will offer you courses related to maths, science, and engineering. They provide you with courses from different schools with impressive quality.


Coursera is an online learning site that partners with organizations and universities all over the world. It will provide you a wide range of depth courses. The best part about this site is that it also provides you a certificate of completion.

Khan Academy

If you’re looking for a site where lectures are short and provide you all the necessary information. Then this site is the best option for you with a variety of courses on many different subjects.


This site is somewhere like Coursera offering different kinds of courses from universities all around the world. It delivers you the best courses by the top professors of the world.

iTunesU Free Courses

This is one of the best sites for free online learning as its access is combined with your apple devices which makes it easy to use. Courses on this site are a mixture of free videos as well as the paid ones. Another interesting feature of this site is that its tools help you in making notes and assignments of the full lectures.

Stanford Online

Stanford is a great site for free online learning which offers you a variety of courses. But it has limited courses as compared to the other sites which have partnerships with more than one school.


It doesn’t matter if you’re five or ninety-five, the internet offers education for all. And, it is always said that there is no age for learning. And, online learning offers to learn things at home with your personal choice. You will indeed be thankful later after learning from the above-mentioned best site for free online learning. 

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