5 Leading online learning sites for students

Online Learning Sites For Students

The online learning industry is full of learning websites, offering different learning angles and perspectives. Few of these online learning sites for students are absolutely free and cater to various online courses with authorizing documents or certificates. 

Online education is especially for those who cannot take advantage of traditional educational courses due to various other commitments and reasons. These online websites offer flexibility and freedom to alter their education at their own pace for such aspirants. 

Here are five websites that will give you the power to recognize and invest time in your varied plans.

Coursera: Online Learning Sites for Students 

Coursera: Online Learning Sites for Students
Coursera: Online Learning Sites for Students

This company features a curated learning experience for their employees. This organization serves unique content, delivered through a high-quality training and coaching experience. Recently they have successfully introduced different new tools and features for their aspiring learners.

Coursera help learners to evolve and manifest job-relevant skills. It commences with the explicit content that aims particular goals and assists learners to make progress. 


EdX is one of the online learning sites for students where various education courses are outlined to provide the learners with an opportunity to take advantage of the advanced learning skills along with their busy schedules. Here, courses are equipped to match a standardized skillset. The Focus is given on consistent industrial learning methods and experiential summaries from the specified domain. 

All courses are catered with a Professional Certificate of Achievement after successfully completing the course so that one can earn recognition from leading industry experts.

Stanford Online

It is a free online course that implements an affordable and accessible way to explore various new skill sets. They have a team of industrial experts who catechize various new and emerging subjects. This website offers absolutely free service for learners who want to learn new skills and build an entirely new career in different areas of interest. 

They offer professional certificates, graduate degrees, advanced degrees, executive education programs, and free content with the assistance of expert faculty members, industry, and other learners — online, on campus, at work, or anywhere around the world.

Harvard Online Courses

Harvard online courses is a very well organized and reputed stream that offers various courses at affordable charges. They aim to provide free and open education to learners from every corner of the world. Harvard online courses incorporate an online format for its various subjects and areas of interest.  


Codecademy is one of the Most Reliable Online Learning Sites for Students
Codecademy is one of the Most Reliable Online Learning Sites for Students

The leading Website -Codecademy is one of the most reliable online learning sites for students to learn coding skills. If you want to start your career with learning codes, you can try out some free classes scheduled to begin with. This organization eases the setup work for you, which is majorly the most tedious part of coding skills. It allows you to get the entire programming language’s syntax through interactive participation in your web browser. 

They offer tutorials on several languages and topics to cover like HTML, javascript, Rails, ReactJS, Ruby, Command, CSS, Sass, J, AngularJS, Line, Git, SQL, and Java.

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